About Us

(what we do!)

A Digital Agency

Place all the information that your customers need on your website.  Make it easy to access and easy to read.

Forward Thinking

We use the latest design concepts and technology to present your business in the best way.

Problem Solvers

We will help you work out the best way to solve your online issues within your budget.

Customer Support

We bend over backwards to help our customers and it doesn’t stop once your new site goes live.

Clever Quality

We know that a quality website shouldn’t cost the earth to develop and maintain.

So we’ve shopped around for the best set of features to help get you up and running in no time.  Every website we build is constructed after full consultation with you.

Custom Website Design

Maximise your online marketing with a unique website built just for you. Our website design team are experienced in creating and enhancing websites that will showcase your business while improving business opportunities at every turn.  Making your website project not an expense but an investment…

Website Redesign Services

Is your website looking old and tired but you’re too afraid to ask how much a redesign will cost?  We specialise in site redesign starting at our very low price of $700 for a standard web site.   This includes 12 months of hosting so your savings start immediately.

Don’t know which way to turn?  We can help!

Responsive Mobile Web Design

It is estimated that 85% of your website traffic will come from mobile devices by the end of next year, the time to optimize your site for mobile is NOW! We create responsive websites that automatically resize to fit any size of screen.   From the largest desktop screen to the smallest smartphone, we’ve got you covered!

Search Engine Optimisation

Its one thing to have your website looking good.  But search engine optimisation (SEO) takes you to a whole different playing field.  We use the latest and best technology to ensure your site hits the first page of the most popular search engines.  With 80% of customers using a search engine as part of their shopping experience, SEO technology will expose you  to many new customers!


To get started fill out the contact form below or give us a call.   Be prepared to have your brains picked and to be asked lots of information about your business – what it is, what you do and what you want!  The initial fee completely covers you for the first 12 months unless you require additional pages.  This means that once your site is up and running you have nothing else to pay for 12 months!

Each year you pay us $250 to cover the next 12 months of hosting.  This fee helps us cover the rent on the server, new security systems and off site backups.  Domain registration is something you might be handling yourself but if not we’ll cover it for an additional $20 per domain per year.

Oh, we’re also very happy to make minor changes through the year completely free of charge.

If you do need some more extensive work doing we’re very economical at $50 per hour and can get a lot done in a short space of time.

We’re also very happy to show you how to make changes all on your own!


Send us an email using this contact form.  We promise to get back to you ASAP.

Or Call John Anderson on 0414 702 997

Based in Hobart, Tasmania.